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Personal monitors have become industry standard devices for professional and emerging artists alike. The weakest link, however, has always been the belt pack. Currently available systems come with a hefty price tag and are complicated to set up. 64 Audio has solved these issues with the MagPack, an innovative and easy-to-use personal monitor amplifier system. The MagPack has all the pro-level features but is affordable and simple to use. It’s packed with industry-first features like “MixSaturation” and a “Snag-Free” input connector, making it perfect for use in the studio or on the stage.

Headphone Out



MagPack Image

Aluminum Housing

For ultimate durability and comfort, the MagPack’s housing is made of lightweight aluminum which also shields the electronics from harmful interference. The battery cover design utilizes strong, rare-earth magnets for durability and ease of use.


Besides the full stereo operation, the Mono mode allows you to listen in mono and use the pan knob to blend the Left and Right channels to achieve the desired mix.

Output Boost

Magnetic "Snag-Free" Input Connector

The drawback to wired personal monitor systems has always been the fixed input connector. The MagPack’s innovative connector design eliminates cable damage with a magnetic mounting system. It safely breaks away in case of a sudden pull on the cable.

All-Analog Design

The MagPack has a no compromise, all-analog circuit design which is built around the audiophile-grade OPA1664 and MAX4409 amplifiers. It boasts ultra-low distortion and a 0.5Ω output impedance which will drive any type of IEM or headphone with ease.

Peak Limiter

To protect your ears from loud and damaging audio spikes, the MagPack has a built in Hearing Protection Limiter that will catch dangerous peaks without squashing your mix.

Input Boost

Mix Saturator

This user selectable MixSaturation feature is designed to breathe life and excitement into your monitor mix with the push of a button. This mode introduces very short spectrum distortion which closely emulates the desired “Tube Amplifier” sound of some popular audio gear.